Soft Serve Machine Rental in Utah: (801) 228-0594


Common questions for renting an Ice Cream Machine are found below. However, if you have specific question feel free to contact us at or call us at 801-228-0594.

Delivery is available for a fee and includes delivery with setup and a return trip later that day for pickup. Please have your machine(s) rinsed thoroughly and wiped down by the pickup time. Most often we have multiple pickups to make in one evening so prompt pickup is greatly appreciated by other clients as well as us. Please call either Gina Johansen for these rates and other details.
Our regular pick up times are 10:00-11:00 on the day of your rental with returns due at 9:00 the following morning. Saturday rentals are due the following Monday at 9:00 am. Please be courteous of these times as we need time to prepare the machine for the following rental. A late fee may be assessed if more than 30 minutes late for your scheduled time (including pick up times). We do not accept returns or pick-ups on Sunday.

You are responsible to provide 2-3 people to lift the machine (it’s 220 lbs) AND a vehicle that can transport the machine and the cart weighing 75 lbs and of similar size. Small cars, mini-vans CANNOT be used to transport the machine for safety and liability reasons. DooDilly’s is not liable for any damages to any vehicle during transport, loading and / or unloading the machine(s). Appropriate vehicles include: SUV’s, trucks, or full-sized vans. (Please bring tie-down straps to hold the machine(s) properly in your vehicle.) Damages caused during your care will be billed accordingly.

Yes, but keep in mind two things. First, outdoor outlets are required to be Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt rated devices. These machines can cause nuisance tripping because of the amount of power that they draw. It’s advised that you plug them into an outlet inside the building. Second, the machines run more efficiently in cooler temperatures. You can use it outdoors, but on a hot day it will make the ice cream softer. You will want to make sure to keep it in the shade and 3-5 feet away from buildings to help it run more productively.

You will need two or three strong people to pick up and return the machine as it weighs 220 pounds and has the following dimensions:
Width 17-5/8 inches Depth 27-1/2 inches Height 30-1/2 inches.You will also need a vehicle that can transport the machine with it’s 75 lb cart of similar size, These include full-size vans, trucks or SUV’s with proper tie-down hooks and straps.

Each machine needs it’s OWN dedicated 115 volt, 20 amp circuit with a ground. It plugs into a standard wall outlet used in most homes, but NO other electrical device can run on the same circuit, including lights. It requires similar power that a dishwasher takes. Refunds will NOT be issued for problems with power. Please call or visit with your venue staff to find out which outlet(s) would be appropriate to use. If you are planning to hold your event at a park, call the city, and find out which outlet would be appropriate to use. REMEMBER, that outdoor outlets are required to be Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt rated devices. These machines can cause nuisance tripping because of the amount of power that they draw. It’s advised that you plug them into an outlet inside the building. Give yourself plenty of time to make sure that the machine will work in the outlet you have chosen.

20 amp circuits are common in most modern homes, they are usually found in kitchens, bathrooms and garages. Bedrooms and other living spaces may only be 15 amp outlets.

Does DooDilly’s provide or sell toppings?
Yes. A variety of toppings is available. We will email you a list of items that are available with you reservation confirmation. We also offer a variety of 8 oz cups and spoons! See our store for more details!

At the time you make your reservation, you will pay a $50 deposit per Single Serve machine and $100 per “Twist” machine online via PayPal that will go toward your total purchase. The rest of your payment is due upon pick up. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS or CASH.
You may make a reservation for your soft serve ice cream machine online. Or you may call Gina Johansen at 801-228-0594 to make a reservation.
We use Taylor model 152 machines. These are renowned for their quality and consistency in delivering the perfect texture and temperature of ice cream. They are the best machines available for their category, especially when using 120 volt power sources.
The ice cream is ready in about 10 – 15 minutes after it starts up. Ideally the machine makes 2 1/2 cup ice cream cones per minute. It can run faster than that, however, it may effect the texture of the ice cream. If the ice cream starts to go too soft or too hard/slow, stop use of the machine for 3 – 5 minutes and let it recover and then continue use.
The ideal serving rate is 2 ice cream cones per minute. It can go a little faster than that, but the ice cream will go softer and softer until the machine will need a recovery period. To help keep up with demand, we recommend renting one machine per 100 guests or less and two machines for over 100 guests for a 2 – 4 hour event..
Yes. Special power requirements, weight and size make it so that we must deliver these. Please call us for more details.