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Ice Cream Sundae

Ice Cream Machine Details

Our machines use a standard wall outlet. 

Each Machine will need it's own dedicated Circuit of power to operate properly.  It is best not to use an extension cord, but IF you MUST, make sure it is a high powered cord. 10 or 12 Gauge, and no longer than 25 feet.  Avoid GFI circuits as they tend to trip. Give the machine room to breathe. Especially with more than one machine.  Make sure they are at least 5 feet apart. We recommend setting up the machine(s) at least one hour in advance to trouble shoot any power problems you may encounter.   Follow the instructions in your email exactly to Avoid set up errors. 

The Machine measurements are 

17 1/2" Across the front

26 1/2" front to back

26" tall

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Ice Cream Sandwich

Be Prepared

Always Verify your power sources.  Nothing else can be running on the same circuit as the machine (not even Christmas lights). Make sure you have lifting power.  We will send the machine out on a hydraulic cart which will do most of the lifting for you, but you will need 2 strong people to get it into the Vehicle. The machines are made of Stainless Steel and are dented easily.  Please Make sure you bring A blanket to cover the machine.  You will need to have Straps with you to secure the machine. The blanket will help prevent scratching from these also. The machine must remain upright.  Please do not lay it on it's side. Payment is Due upon Pick up, along with your signed contract (Attached to your email). We accept Cash, Check or Venmo (We can take credit Cards however the processing company will charge an additional 3.5%). 

No Compact Cars for Pickup

Ice Cream and Brownies
Ice Cream Party
Ice Cream Flavors
Collage image of Root beer with vanilla ice cream.jpg
Parfait Ice Cream

 Perfect for Weddings / Reunions/ Graduations/Birthday Parties/ Graduations/ Customer Appreciation/ Grand Openings/ Baptisms/Bridal and Baby Showers

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