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ONE DAY SINGLE SERVE MACHINE RENTAL (220 lbs.) - Our Single serve machine will produce approx 100 (4oz) servings per hour.  One of these machines is perfect for events around 200 guests (if the event is lasting for at least a two hour time frame). You pick up the machine on the day of your reservation.  We provide a hydraulic cart to help move, load and unload your rental.  Make sure you bring two strong people to Load and Unload the machines. No Comact Cars please.

POWER REQUIREMENTS: Things you should know about Power: 115 v / 16amps.  These machines are great because they do not need a special outlet to work.  The single serve machine just needs a regular wall outlet.  20amp is best.  The machines do not like GFI's, and will more than likely trip them if plugged into one.  Nothing else can be plugged into the same circuit at the same time.  If renting two of these machines at a time, please remember that they need to be on two separate circuits of power, and need to be spaced at least 5 feet apart.  They should be given room to breathe on all sides as they are air cooled.  Please do not use Generators.  If you must use an extension cord, make sure it is a high powered cord. 10 or 12 gauge, no longer than 25 ft.  DO NOT USE 14 GAUGE CORDS.  It is best to contact your Venue to verify Power for the machines.


HELPFUL INFO: You will need a nearby water source to add to your mixes, and to rinse out the machine.  The Rentals can be picked up at 10am on the day of your rental and returned the following morning between 9-9:30 am unless you arrange differently through us. Return times are very important because the machine goes out to other clients at 10:00 am. This only gives us approximately 30 minutes to sanitize them.  A machine that is rented out on Saturday can either be returned late that same evening, or on Monday Morning at 9:30.  There is no change in cost either way.  

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Soft Serve    machine $100



Call 801-228-0594 to make your reservation

Soft Serve Mixes

Vanilla Soft serve mix - $30.00

Chefs companion Vanilla soft serve is a powdered dairy free mix. It is delicious, smooth and creamy.  120 regular (4 oz.) servings. Gluten Free


Chocolate Soft serve mix - $30.00

Chefs companion Chocolate soft serve is a powdered dairy free mix.  It is also delicious and creamy. 120 regular (4 0z.) servings. Gluten free


Dole Whip - $37.00  

Yes, it is the same mix Disney Land uses!  We carry it in the Classic Pineapple, and can get it in Orange and Strawberry also. This mix is Dairy Free, Gluten Free, and Vegan.  Serves 80 (4 oz.) servings.

Cups - $6.50

clear plastic squatty cups. 

50 count sleeve.

Chocolate and Vanilla soft serve pic.jfif

Extra Rentals

Popcorn Machine Rental - $40.00

commercial Medium size Popper.  Comes with 2 packets Extra packets are $3.50 Serving bags can be purchased from

Extension Cord - $10.00

These are high powered cords which are required if using with Ice Cream machines.  The 25 ft. cord is $50.00 to purchase.

Hopefully more to come...

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